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“Alex Pettyfer was up for the role of Alex Rider in 2006’s ‘Stormbreaker’ movie when he asked Fred to change his hair. Blessed with angelic features, Alex was also cursed with a spotty forehead and big ears. Fred created a full, brushed-forward style that hid both impediments. Alex landed the starring role and Fred’s hairstyle became a permanent fixture on the heads of several million males.”

“Hairdressers Fred Gielly and Shai Greenberg have created a central London sanctum of beauty staffed by calm, capable and, all-in-all, pretty exceptional staff. Together Fred and Shai handpick their talented team, and it’s fair to say that they’ve assembled an entourage of experts in almost every field of beauty. Everyone cares about you here; from the moment that you walk through the door nothing is too much trouble. It’s TLC on tap.”

“As for my blow-dry, well, it was perfect, bouncy, shiny, full of body, and I loved it. If you have a chance to go along to the salon, then do take my word for it, Fred is a genius with a hairdryer and a round brush.”

“That was until I had the massage to change all that. The massage of all massages. The one for all the disbelievers. It was the Ila kundalini via the intuitive hands of Holly at Gielly Green in Marylebone, London. It combines both heavenly Ila products and the brand’s unique philosophy, which involves seeing each client as not simply a physical body to be oiled and pummelled, but a unified life-force of both tissue and emotion.”

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